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Alopecia, Hair Loss, Premature Greying

Oriental Botanicals® Hairpro® with Phytofol® and other Chinese herbs to help regenerate your hair.

Hairpro® with Phytofol® and other Chinese herbs have been traditionally used to assist in the management of hair loss (alopecia), including male pattern and female pattern baldness, spot baldness, thinning or receding hair, or declining hair condition.

Drawing on this ancient wisdom, the Oriental Botanicals® Hairpro® contains Phytofol®, a modern extract of an ancient Chinese herb Fallopia multiflora. This herb may promote normal regeneration of resting hair follicles, which increases the number of hairs in the growing phase of the hair growth cycle.

Phytofol® may increase hair follicle melanin to promote normal hair colour and help inhibit premature greying.

Men, women and children can benefit from Oriental Botanicals® Hairpro®.

Available in 30 and 60 capsule sizes.

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