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Children’s immune health

One of the immune system’s most important functions is to detect and respond to infectious organisms, thus helping us to fight off illness.

Its ability to do so develops over time, so it’s normal for children to be more susceptible than adults to mild infections like common colds and to experience them more frequently.

Zinc reduces the frequency of children’s colds

Zinc supports healthy immune system function and helps reduce the frequency with which children catch common colds.

In children whose diets contain insufficient zinc, taking a supplement also supports a healthy appetite.

Astragalus supports immune system health

astragalus boosts immunity

The Chinese herb astragalus helps stimulate healthy immune responses and supports the immune system in fighting illness.

In Chinese medicine, it’s traditionally used to promote immune defences and strengthen Qi (life force energy), as well as to relieve feelings of weakness and support vitality and wellbeing.


Jade Windscreen Formula

Astragalus is the ‘chief’ or ‘emperor’ herb in a centuries-old herbal combination called Jade Windscreen Formula (Yu Ping Feng San)1, which is traditionally used to help decrease the frequency of common colds in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

This formula is considered particularly appropriate for people who catch colds over and over again, and is usually taken for several months at a time.

In addition to astragalus, Jade Windscreen Formula contains the herbs white atractylodes and fang feng. In TCM, white atractylodes is traditionally believed to have synergistic effects on astragalus, reinforcing its actions.

Fang feng, which is also known as wind protector, is traditionally used in TCM to expel wind-heat from the body. (This traditional Chinese terminology describes a symptom pattern that’s associated with conditions that arise from outside the body and involve the rapid onset of symptoms, some of which are traditionally considered ‘hot’ in nature).


Kids' Astragalus Immune Shield

Oriental Botanicals Kids’ Astragalus 8 Immune Shield combines astragalus and the other herbs in Jade Windscreen Formula with zinc. This great-tasting formula is suitable for children aged 2 years and older, and has no added sugar. It’s available now at your local pharmacy.

Looking for relief for your child’s common cold symptoms?

Consider Kids’ Cold & Flu Fighter, which includes echinacea traditionally used to relieve a runny or blocked nose, and elderflower to relieve a sore throat, both based on use in Western herbal medicine.

If you’re unsure whether these products are suitable for your child, please contact our Technical Support team for free, confidential advice.


Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, worsen or change unexpectedly, talk to your health professional. Mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.



1. Lou, J.S. et al. Sci Rep, 2016;631926.


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